Academic Hall of Fame

Class of 2024 Recipients

Elise Blaesing
Carmyn Huston
Alina Juszczyk
Aubrey Killey

Academic Hall of Fame

The criteria for recognition for Academic Hall of Fame will include both GPA and successful completion of required classes. The required GPA is 3.9 unweighted and the required classes are: 8 semesters of English, 8 consecutive semesters of Math (must include both semesters of Pre-Calculus), 8 semesters of Science (must include 2 semesters of college prep: Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Intro to Physics and Engineering, or Human Anatomy), 6 semesters of Social Studies, 4 semesters Foreign Language (or receive Seal or Commendation of Biliteracy). The students must attend Monmouth-Roseville all four years. These courses are taught in house or pre-approved by a department chair meeting and administration for Academic Hall of Fame consideration. (To take effect with the Class of 2022).

Prior to Class of 2022:

The criteria for recognition in the Academic Hall of Fame includes a minimum of 3.9 cumulative grade point average and successful completion of required classes.  The required classes include a minimum of 8 semesters of English, 8 semesters of mathematics (including Pre-Calculus), 8 semesters of science, 6 semesters of social studies and 4 semesters of foreign language.

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